ReLeaf Network Retreat 2017: Overview

Hi everyone!
Thank you very much for coming to the ReLeaf Network Retreat and doing the hokey-pokey with us – putting your whole selves in and listening intentionally to become visionaries and even better catalysts for change while supporting communities through trees, tree care jobs, and more funding for greener, healthier neighborhoods. Click here to view retreat agenda and below are some photos for your enjoyment!

Ray Tretheway, from Sacramento Tree Foundation, the reluctant visionary schools ReLeaf Network on being a visionary when it comes to communities and urban forestry.


Kemba, from Urban ReLeaf, shows us all how passionate she is about TREES and youth engagement!











Adélàjà Simon, from Growing Together, leads us on a song to start our “Supporting Ourselves as Community Activists” discussion.










Ken Knight, from Your Children’s Trees.






Adélàjà Simon, from Growing Together.

Cindy asking Ray, what does it mean to be a visionary and how did Ray know he was a visionary?




Andy Trotter, from West Coast Arborists, talks about potential tree care jobs for community members the network works with.



Chuck and Kevin Jefferson, from Urban ReLeaf, talk about how to engage in local government and grants.


Network members enjoying the sun and view of the trees.

Andrew Misch, from Davey Tree Experts.


Kemba and Chad talking about teaching children how to climb a tree safely.

This is our view during our Network Retreat. GREAT LOCATION!

Network members engaging with speaker during open discussion.


Thank you so much again to all of our Sponsors!

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