Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

These resources will help you and your organization learn about how to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace and community.

CBSM & Overcoming Barriers in Tree Care

TreePeople and the Koreatown Youth and Community Center (KYCC) will present how they used the Community-Based Social Marketing approach to engage an environmental justice community in southeast Los Angeles County to water and care for newly-planted street trees. Common Vision will comment on social justice and communications aspects of this work. Presenters will include: Edith de Guzman, Director of Research at TreePeople; Rachel Malarich, Environmental Services Manager at KYCC; and Common Vision’s Michael Flynn, Executive Director & Ray Stubblefield-Tave, Program Director.

Chinaka Hodge Poem

It’s one thing to learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion intellectually and another to connect emotionally. Art helps us connect emotionally. Please watch this powerful video of Chinaka Hodge sharing her poem “Power to the People: Black Panthers at 50.”

Diversifying the Conservation Movement:
Approaches for Equity & Inclusion through Story & Culture

with Jose Gonzalez, founder of Latino Outdoors (August 2015)

Watch the video:

See the PowerPoint presentation (PDF format):

Solidarity in Racial Justice:
Understanding Systemic Racism to Build Meaningful Partnerships

with Leo Buc & Michael Flynn from Common Vision (December 2015):

Watch the video:

See the PowerPoint presentation (PDF format):

Building Solidarity for a Racial Justice: Understanding Systemic Racism to Build Meaningful Partnerships

Related reading:

Anti-Racism Reading (PDF)

Growing the Canopy: Racial Justice

with Leo Buc of Common Vision (August 2016)

Watch the video:

See the PowerPoint presentation (PDF format):

The Power of Diversity: Green 2.0

with José González of Latino Outdoors & Green 2.0 (August 2016)

Appealing to a Wider Audience:
Why do we want diversity? What is it? How do we get it?

with Allegra Mautner of Friends of the Urban Forest (August 2016)


Reading material on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Green 2.0

Green 2.0 is an initiative dedicated to increasing racial diversity across mainstream environmental NGOs, foundations and government agencies. The Green 2.0 working group advocates for data transparency, accountability and increased resources to ensure that these organizations increase their diversity.

Diversity Derailed

The report Diversity Derailed examines the executive search process used by mainstream environmental NGOs and foundations, and the search firms they employ to assist them in diversifying their senior staff.

Harvard Business Review:
Why So Few “Diversity Candidates” Are Hired

  • Likelihood of choosing a woman candidate.
  • Likelihood of choosing a minority candidate.

Other Resources:

  1. People of difference cultural backgrounds or gender still experience some shape or form of racism. A great place to go and know what people today have experienced in the work place is MicroAgressions.com.
  2. CEO pledge to act on diversity and inclusion (CEOs names of and companies): CEOAction.com.
  3. Ten stages of Diversity Advocacy in Gifs: GreenLining.org.
  4. Green 2.0
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