1. A Network of Compadres

    an interview with Ellen Bailey Retired, worked most recently as a Gang Prevention Specialist What is/was your relationship to ReLeaf? Initially, Jane Bender and I met in a volunteer group called Beyond War in Sonoma County that worked toward peace and conflict resolution. After the Berlin Wall fell, Beyond War...
  2. Resonating Solidarity

    an interview with Ray Tretheway Executive Director, Sacramento Tree Foundation What is/was your relationship to ReLeaf? The Sacramento Tree Foundation was one of the original ten founding network groups when Isabel Wade started the alliance through Trust for Public Lands (TPL).   I served on the original Advisory Committee after...
  3. The Positive Impact of the Magnitude

    An interview with Andy Lipkis Founder and President, TreePeople TreePeople started their work in 1970 and incorporated as a nonprofit in 1973. What is/was your relationship to ReLeaf? My relationship with California ReLeaf started when I met Isabel Wade in 1970. Isabel was interested in community-based urban forestry and she...
  4. City of San Diego Hiring

    The City of San Diego has two vacancies in urban forestry – one for Horticulturalist to implement tree maintenance programs and one for City Forester to develop and lead city-wide urban forestry programs. Horticulturalist Deadline October 8, 2014   DUTIES Plan, coordinate and implement urban forestry, or tree maintenance programs;...
  5. 25 Reasons to Love Urban Trees

    Trees drastically reduce the need for air conditioning. Just three strategically placed trees can decrease utility bills by 50%. Trees attract customers. Shoppers spend up 12% more in shopping centers with trees and will shop longer and return more frequently. Trees can reduce annual storm water runoff by 2% —...
  6. September 9 Webinar Resources

    PowerPoint Presentation ReLeaf Network Sign-on Letter to Cal FIRE CAL EPA discussion draft on DACs CARB discussion draft on DACs CalEnviroScreen Report 2.0 “Method 6” Synopsis for DACs Directions to Submit Comments
  7. USFS Webinar: Urban Forests for Human Health & Wellness

    Urban Forests for Human Health and Wellness Wednesday, September 10, 2014 | 1:00 – 2:00pm ET   People have described the healing power of nature for centuries. This webinar will present current research and best practices showing how outdoor spaces support public health and wellness. Such information can help nature...
  8. Creative Fundraising Ideas for Network Groups

    Nonprofit organizations need diverse sources of funding to support ongoing operations and programs. Today, there are many ways to engage your organization’s supporters. These programs are all free and require only a minimal amount of initial work to sign up to participate. The success of these programs will then depend...
  9. The Green Rush

    by Chuck Mills   A California ReLeaf board member recently commented that urban forestry is now experiencing a “Green Rush” of funding stemming from recent State Budget appropriations. It’s a poignant observation that should motivate all of us to seize this moment. Like California’s seven-year gold rush, this unprecedented stream...
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