1. Re-Oaking California

    Re-oaking your community: 3 ways to bring oaks back to California cities by Erica Spotswood Could restoring native oak trees to cities create a beautiful, functional, and climate-adapted urban forest for our children? In the newly released report “Re-oaking Silicon Valley: Building Vibrant Cities with Nature”, the San Francisco Estuary...
  2. Supporting Ourselves as Community Activists

    Supporting Ourselves as Community Activists – with the work of Joanna Macy Based on eco-philosopher Joanna Macy’s books, “The Spiral of the Work that Reconnects” and “Coming back to Life,” Adélàjà Simon and Jen Scott facilitated a session of empowering dyad exercises to help Network members reconnect to their urban...
  3. ReLeaf Network Retreat 2017: Overview

    Hi everyone! Thank you very much for coming to the ReLeaf Network Retreat and doing the hokey-pokey with us – putting your whole selves in and listening intentionally to become visionaries and even better catalysts for change while supporting communities through trees, tree care jobs, and more funding for greener,...
  4. How to Use ReLeaf’s Twitter Lists

    Have you ever used Twitter Lists? Lists are an AMAZING way to filter which tweets you’re scanning. For example, you can click on the ReLeaf Network list (once you’ve subscribed to our list) and then you’ll see only ReLeaf Network member organization posts. A good way to check out any...
  5. Official Press Release: Save Our Water And Our Trees!

    Save Our Water And Our Trees! Campaign Offers Tips to Help Trees Thrive   Sacramento, CA – California ReLeaf has partnered with Save Our Water and a coalition of urban forest and other concerned organizations to raise awareness on the importance of proper tree care during this historic drought. Save...
  6. Grants For Groups Getting Kids Outside

    California Community Forests Foundation (CCFF) is providing small grants to groups working with kids in order to get them outside and learning! “Outdoor Classroom Grants” CCFF is awarding grants of up to $250 to assist in the development of outdoor classrooms or school gardens in California. This grant supports teachers,...
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